Saturday 10th of April 2021

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David Ho.com Welcomes You!

daviddho.com welcomes you to the wonderful world of David Ho

David Ho? What's Going on Here?

Hello! My name is David Ho and this site is essentially a scratch pad for my life. I'm hoping to provide some helpful information to those looking for it through my learnings. I'll try my best to keep everything organized to the point that it is possible to find what you need. Several of my contributions to the web will be contained in other sites targeted at different audiences and can be found on the left hand navigation in the Menu entitled (Offsite Resources)

So What can I find on here?

Currently I'm planning on including an extensive pictures section, two blogs, one of a personal nature and another geared towards professional development and reflection in the areas of online marketing (SEO) and PCB procurement. Another feature I'd like to add is "wiki-journeys" as I like to call them. This will essentially be a chronical of learning on specific topics through self-guided journeys through wikipedia. I'll starting from one main subject page and thereafter explore related links as far as necessary. Not sure yet how I will handle this in terms of layout but I'm sure it will be a useful reference not only in terms of the specific subjects examined but also for the insight it may provide in terms of how to use wikipedia to get the most out of your research. I will also be including some useful links to MIT's online course materials. For those of you that don't know sometime before 2003 MIT put all of its courses online free of charge for anyone to use to learn and this is a fantastic source of information and resource for self-learning. I'm currently teaching myself program from their introductory level course and I highly recommend anyone interested in furthering their education free of charge to browse through their course offerings.

There are several other additions which I'll expand upon here when I implement them on the site. I hope you'll find this a useful and informative site and as always input and feedback are more than welcome. Whenever possible and practical I will incorporate input forms into my site to make your input as easy as possible to transfer to me. Happy surfing!

David D. Ho


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